Rev. CK Lee is an Interfaith Ordained Angel Minister (Seraphim Lineage) and has also been initiated into a long unbroken lineage of Mexican master healers known as Curanderos and is the first Malaysian Light Language, Light Energy Weave, Colombian Healing Lights, Splitting the Rainbow and DNA teacher for this lineage. She also has been initiated to other lineages and holds professional qualifications that would assist to improve your well being and your potential to succeed in your career and relationships.

CK Lee is Certified Master Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner, Master NLP Coach, Master Time Line Therapy™, and Master Hypnotherapy and is also a member of the American Board of NLP, Hypnotherapy Associations and provides spiritual counselling and coaching. 

She offers a plethora of healing sessions based on the Mayan traditions and through the ascended Masters which is offered through her private healing sessions which includes the DNA mapping, Strand Healing, Advanced DNA Charts (using the Essences of Astraria) from the Mayan tradition plus the Rising Star and Prema Birthing that was channelled through Derek O'Neil. In addition, she offers other metaphysical services that include the Grail Magic, Cord cuttings, Angelic Attunements, Heart Integration and more.

Her spiritual journey has led her to the Spiritual Master teachers around the world who have supported her in her quest to step up to her own mastery.  Through this self discovery and soul purpose, which includes assisting and empowering the lost souls to rediscover their soul purpose; she assists with the re-connections to Source and to rediscover their Divinity within themselves. 

She is highly regarded by her friends and peers through her caring compassion, trusting nature and her willingness to assist with unconditional love.

CK Lee believes that the ability to manifest is based on one’s own ability when they are connected to their Divinity Within.

Mobius Puncture Activation Light Language Level 1
Advanced Splitting the Rainbow aka Pot of Gold  
DNA Divine Coding
Mobius Puncture Activation

The Bridge of Manifestation: Bringing the spiritual into the material world. Creates a link between the two realms which allows us to succeed at both worlds.

 The Funnel of Emotions: Takes emotions out of the body so that they don't become disease, replaces inappropriate emotions with appropriate ones. Helps breaks through denial and repression of emotions as it gets under the false emotional façade to the underlying emotional heart of the matter so that deep healing may occur.

 The Chalice: Brings heart and mind together, carries us on the longest journey from mind to Ideal for those who over analyze and are often incorrect in their assessments as they are too focused on logical information and miss the subtler energies also involved in a situation.

 Plato's Song: Access past memories and sacred wisdom learnt in the mental body and carried in the soul work from our past lives.

 Discernment : Heals our perceptions of experiences, providing greater clarity on situations, helps clear judgement and self judgements.

 Creativity: Starts and completes information, clears blockages, excellent when creativity is stuck.

 Sea of Oneness: Helps you move beyond specifics into a state of union with the greater good. assists in moving through the minutia to get at the unifying energy that brings it all together.

 Anchor of trust: Keeps you in alignments with your intuition and your knowings. Learning to trust our inner voice.

 Healing: Brings healing when there is a disease in the physical, emotional mental and spiritual layers of the aura. It gets the healing going through these levels starting with the level most in need of attention.

 Ownership of Responsibility : When we find ourselves suffering the consequences of lies or procrastination., two behaviors that drain our light and impede our co-creations.

 Heart of Love: It brings the love energy to a whole new level beyond anything we have previously experienced in our relationships with self, others and God.

 Centre Self :Aligns us with the actuality of who we really are. excellent for ego and self esteem issues.

 Core of Serenity: Helps bring in new energies in our life, new job, new clients. We find ourselves at peace, no longer desperate for this or that.  The space is now open for thing we love to come into our life.  This point is great for whiners, complainers and victims.

By appointment only. (21 & 22 August 2015)
$150 (30 - 45 mins)
Note: Available in person or distance

Advanced Splitting the Rainbow aka Pot of Gold

This is a powerful powerful breathing Shamanic technique allows deep shifts within us where we connect with the unique rays of color of the rainbow to assist in what we need to manifest in our lives be it at the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level (PEMS). Here CK Lee uses the dimensions and the colors of the rainbows of light to create shifts within the client as fast as 30 seconds. Each color of the rainbow contains specific healing frequencies. Experience deep healing with this process as it clears stored energy, repressed information, mishandled emotions, and pain in the physical, emotional, mental spiritual and material plane. As we are aware Light has many facets and aspects that affect us. This process will assist to bring more light to you to assist in our manifestation.

The respective color vibrations (white, purple, indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange, red) works on the 7 chakras as well as our organs where the energetic vibrations would go wherever it needs to go to complete the connection to allow the shifts to happen in our lives. This process would assist in clearing stored energy, repressed information, mishandled emotions, and pain at the PEMS levels.

This healing modality would be for those seeking positive shifts with speech challenges (e.g. stuttering, inability to express oneself, communication), nervous system challenges, abuse (verbal, emotional, physical, mental, spiritual), connection to our soul purpose, emotional challenges (guilt, shame, resentment, anger, fear and more.)

Investment: SGD220 per color alignment

By appointment only. (21 & 22 August 2015)
$220 (per color alignment)
Available in person or distance.

DNA Divine Coding

Expand your capacity to transform genetic energies as you connect deeply to the inherent divinity that is present within all of us. Using the Divine codes and consciously connect with the wisdom of the Ropanium Gods and the DNA Masters of Atlantis for increased manifestation on the material plane.

The Ropanium Gods are ancient beings who were known for manifesting things out of thin air. Very little information is written about them, as the knowledge of them was passed vocally and through presence, or caught“ teachings in a long, unbroken lineage of Mexican curanderos.

The Ropanium Gods are connected intimately and intricately with our DNA, and each of them corresponds to one of our 12 DNA Strands.

The sacred codes are the keys that are used to unlock our ancient qualities that have been lying dormant in our DNA for thousands of years become active, as well as a profound transformation within the person’s DNA and life. It takes about 28 days to 6 months following this activation, the person notices astounding abilities emerging from their very core of their being.

Rogras: Initiates new beginnings and activates the gift of Divine Timing. Increased speed in manifestation.

Appolonia: Brings forth a deeper level of harmony in your body, aura, life, and relationships. It also manifests „new“ relationships out of thin air.

Patene: Creates healthy boundaries and excavates a deeper knowing and awareness in working with Universal Laws.

Chriogt: Modulates a person’s energies and systems to adjust to rapidly accelerating vibratory rates.

Nekran: Brings conscious recognition of a person’s value and purpose in the Divine Plan.

Hydran: Ensures progress in evolution and breaks through deep levels of stagnation.

Stratan: Opens the Divine Blueprint and facilitates rapid manifestation through clear planning.

Pyran: Brings forth spontaneity, breaks through control issues, and opens up opportunities in new spaces and places.

Charonius: Shows the deeper contracts and attracts people and beings that are aligned with the manifestation of those contracts.

Tempra: Brings forth profound strength on multiple levels.

Arkta. Revitalizes ancient connections within the brain, activating ancient knowledge, wisdom, intelligence, and brightness.

Sorsos. Opens the Light Senses and fine-tunes sensory abilities.

By appointment only. (21 & 22 August 2015)
$220 (30 - 45 mins per activation)
$560 (1 hr 30 mins - 2 hrs per 3 activations)
Available in person or distance.

Light Language Level 1

At the beginning level we use 7-shaped sequences and consciously assist you in attracting energies, connecting with your deepest spiritual self, grounding, setting healthy boundaries, releasing old patterns, creating better life choices, etc. Learn to recognize how we use color and geometry in our every day language, thoughts, and behaviour. Make instant and long-lasting changes in yourself and your environment with the 7-shaped grids. Use these shapes to change the energy of a building, a room, or your office. Learn how to put magic in food like in the movie Chocolat. This course builds a firm foundation in Light Language.

Manual included.

Length of workshop: 4 hours

Prerequisite: None

Investment: SGD$144

3 days confirmation of attendance prior to the date of workshop is required to prepare the manual.

24 January 2015 (Sat): 5pm - 9pm
$144 (4 hrs)
Note: 3 days confirmation of attendance prior to the date of workshop is required to prepare the manual.