Elizabeth Peru of Deltawaves is an Australian Soul Mentor, Energy Healer and Conscious Evolution Teacher. She offers Personal Sessions, Energy Healings, Soul Mentoring Programs, Seminars and Webinars in Australia and Globally, both In Person and ONLINE. This is Elizabeth’s sixth visit to Sanctum. Her sessions and courses are always very popular!

This visit she is offering ALL NEW SESSIONS & a special ONE DAY workshop to assist  LIGHT WORKERS in living strong & healthy lives.

Elizabeth offers comprehensive soul healing and guidance in her sessions, delivered with integrity, experience,  practical direction and a deep spiritual understanding of your life's path. 

You will particularly appreciate her down to earth approach and straight talk on spirituality. She encourages us to use a spiritual attitude in everyday life and will tell it to you 'like it is' with love, humour and an instinctive awareness of what you need to hear. 

She is known for her consistent & accurate DAILY Soul Mentoring on social media websites, Facebook , Twitter and YouTube and through her well loved email newsletter (since 2003) The Tip-Off Global Soul Report.

The Angelic Realm assist Elizabeth 
Elizabeth works with The Angelic Realm in all of her sessions and workshops and will bring through divine guidance and messages on your life's purpose and how to live it without delay.

Soul Conversation & Light Energy Healing Living Divine: An Essential Guide for Light Workers
Soul Conversation & Light Energy Healing

Receive in-depth spiritual guidance and information direct from your soul and angelic guides.

Over your one hour session Elizabeth can discuss:

  • your life path, challenges, strengths and immediate messages from soul
  • the action steps required in your life right now for your highest good
  • how to connect with your soul & universal source
  • how to connect with your spiritual & angelic guides

You are encouraged to bring along questions and be open to having a heart to heart conversation. You can take written notes during the session.

Light Energy Healing
You will also receive a clearing and energy re-build on the healing table, filling your power centre up with light (solar plexus) to send effective healing & release throughout your physical body from the etheric realms.

You can expect to feel:
- lighter in your body, with energy flowing evenly throughout
- physical, emotional and mental stresses can be lessened
- a deep connection with the divine and your spiritual and angelic guides

Sessions are not recorded. Elizabeth needs for you to be present and listening fully IN your session. Some people write short notes of certain important points, and this is encouraged, but for most of the session you will be experiencing the energy and allowing the messages to be absorbed into your soul. 

Elizabeth finds that people remember everything that is important to them, and do not have to write down very much at all when they are fully in the moment of the session. What you need stays with you strongly.

By appointment only. (21 - 23 November 2012)
$210 (1 hr)
NOTE: Please arrive at least 5 minutes prior to your session to centre and relax and ensure you receive the full benefit of your session.

Living Divine: An Essential Guide for Light Workers

NEW : one-day workshop

Are you a healer, earth angel, helper of the planet or anyone with a keen interest & passion for spiritually uplifting humanity?

Then know you ARE A LIGHT WORKER and are very important to the evolution of this planet!

Elizabeth works directly with Light Workers, guiding and encouraging them on their life path, to ensure they are looked after and in the very best physical & spiritual condition to carry out their most special work.

This is a NEW workshop that Elizabeth has been guided to teach as more and more LIGHT WORKERS are being called to help at this important cross over time in human history. The stronger spiritual energy we pull in, the healthier we must be to hold the light for ourselves & others in our physical bodies.

Elizabeth will share with you all her knowledge on care of the light worker, as practiced by Elizabeth herself on a daily basis.

You'll have fun, learn loads of new and PRACTICAL ways to empower yourself & go away enthused to practice immediately!

This workshop will BENEFIT ALL those who work with the light, no matter what healing method you use or what your belief system.

During this workshop you will learn and experience:
- Nutrition & energy movement specific for light workers
- Daily care & health of the healer's physical body
- Active simple meditation techniques for daily use
- Tuning in to universal power & ASKING for help!
- The science of breath for light workers including breathing exercises & the nervous system & light
- How to transmute negativity & lower vibrations for others & yourself
- Awareness of the spiritual state & cultivating a spiritual attitude to all of life
- The importance of nature & being in rhythm with cycles
- Trusting your intuition & specific soul guidance
- How to ACT on what you know - the important step in living divine
- Using YOUR specific healing skills & learning what they are!

- Elizabeth will bring through specific messages for each light worker on their life path
- We will be surrounded by our angelic & spiritual guides and experience connection & meditation with them

Bring Along
- a notebook & pen, as Elizabeth will be giving lots of information
- your questions
- lunch & water bottle

- comfy clothes

24 November 2012 (Sat): 12pm - 6pm
$300 (6 hrs)
Min. no. of participants: 6