I am dedicated to offering a profound healing experience to each person I meet.

I have studied a few healing systems and around this training and the development of my intuition has guided me to be able to focus on offering each person an individual tailored session that brings to them that which is for their highest good.

I am a multi dimensional healer and my work is supported by the Ascended Masters, the Celestial and Archangelic Realms, that enables me to bring an experience to you that has you feeling lighter, clearer and happier.

I bring an immense variety of energies to address many different levels of consciousness that are held within so that deeper healing and greater harmony, integration and balance is created.

I am dedicated to inspiring people to release limitations from their lives and to help them embrace the unique gift that they are to the Earth at this time.

My work will facilitate you to move through challenges more effortlessly and begin to open to a new future that aligns your life with greater potentials. This will lead to bringing greater fulfillment to your journey and seek to connect you to a deeper sense of what your life purpose is.

I will offer guidance and direction and understanding of some of the internal challenges that you face on a soul level and bring assistance and advice as to how you may create and bring greater integration and healing.

Attunement Master Healing Sessions The New Road Ahead
Christ Blueprint
Attunement Master Healing Sessions

Ky’lama’s Attunement Master Healing Sessions are a blessing.

Ky’lama is a channel of divine healing energy.

Ky’lama’s purpose and inspiration is to create a quantum shift in your life that supports you to live your dream and destiny.

Ky’lama’s work has the ability to dissolve obstacles in your consciousness and life and allow you to have a clearer sense of yourself and an ability to move forward to achieve your goals.

Ky’lama’s sessions work with the Divine Healing Energies and facilitate Soul Retrieval Past Life Healing, Soul Healing, Inner Child Timeline Healing, Multi Dimensional Transmissional healing, Sound and Light language vibrational healing or anything that the guides and my and your higher self feel is in divine order to work with.

The energetics that Ky’lama works with are able to repair and integrate the subtle bodies create evolutionary acceleration in your lightbody and align and balance your bodies and subtle energy dynamics.

Ky’lama’s sessions are overlighted by a team of Master Healing energies including The Archangels and Star Beings and the Ascended Masters.

Come and Be Blessed.

By appointment only. (14 - 19 January 2014)
$266 (2 hrs)

The New Road Ahead

We are in a time of dynamic change. The road ahead will have many choices available to us if we wish.

This time however is also a time of challenge to find out who we are, where we are going and what it is we need to do.

It is time to begin to consolidate the information, knowledge and wisdom that we innately hold and to begin to create the life that we want.

It is a time to make decisions moving forward that support your dreams that allow your new life to unfold and that empowers your life to be what you wish it to be.

Ky’lama is going to be facilitating a 3 hour experience that will assist you to clarify the path ahead and to harness clarity and to begin to create your wonderful life.

This experience is designed to get you in touch with what it is you want your life to be. This experience then will help you to take this energy forward in your life in a co creative process to bring greater fulfilment to you and your future journey.

Any additional notes: Bring Water, Pencil and Paper

18 January 2014 (Sat): 3pm - 6.15pm
$144 (3 hrs 15 mins)

Save! Sign-up for both of Ky'lama's workshops for only $200!

Christ Blueprint

Each year between December 24 and January 6 is a time of renewal through the Christ Ray.

These 13 days give us the opportunity to be renewed and replenished of the Christ Light.

This lays the platform for humanity to be able to receive the template/blueprint of the energy.

As many people know December 25 celebrates the birth of the baby Jesus, “a great Prophet” on the Earth.

January 6 celebrates the feast of the Epiphany which means the shining forth or revelation of God.

During this time of year there is a powerful infusion of the Christ Light that celebrates the Life on Earth of Jesus Christ and the example that he set during his 33 years of life on Earth.

Each year we are offered the opportunity to open to receiving the blessing of this light.

This light holds the connection to living in an open heart and having compassion for all beings. This is a time to allow our souls to be supported to align with the values that enable us to be a living example of Christ and to allow us to receive the mantle of this light to support us throughout the year to live a life that is truth. To allow us to live our passion, to ignite our spirit and embrace life in the most profound and fulfilling way.

Ky’lama will be calling forth all the Guides of Christ and to activate the Christ Blueprint as we receive from the Heart of Love and Compassion and allow our Soul to settle into a rhythm of love that will support our journey during the year 2014. Come and be Blessed!

19 January 2014 (Sun): 3pm - 5.30pm
$115 (2 hrs 30 mins)
Save! Sign-up for both of Ky'lama's workshops for only $200!