Remedia and Richard use Shaktipat (mind to mind transmissions of Grace) to illuminate people’s minds and heal on the deepest levels. They have traveled Asia together for over 12 years.
Though they share the same love and devotion to their work, they are very different people.

Remedia works with her well-developed awareness and her intuitive mind while Richard, an educated intellectual, supports and grounds her.

Everything in their work is based upon Love and a passionate wish to support others in their growth, health and independence.
Shaman Remedia has worked with the healing energy of Love her entire life, helping thousands in many countries. She’s particularly talented at psychic readings, healing energy treatments and
empowering others to heal, teach and meditate.

Remedia was born into the Clan of Healers in the Wari-Wari tribe of the Philippines forty-one years ago. Her grandmother bequeathed all her Shamanic powers to Remedia at birth. She was given the power to see auras and energies, to use subtle energies, to work in the spirit worlds and to do psychic and herbal healing.

“I’m simple people,” says Remedia of herself, while laughing happily. Simple, earthy wisdom, healing energy from the Heavens, and pure, unconditional Love fill every moment of her life. She
offers herself to you with joy.

Richard Peeler, Remedia’s American husband, lost the use of his arms in a motorcycle accident 25 years ago. The severe chronic pain from broken nerves was even more disabling than his
physical injuries. He became addicted to the strong pain killers and tranquilizers that were the only solution modern medicine could offer him.

The first time Remedia touched Richard, his pain was relieved. He was soon off drugs completely.
Fascinated by the magic coming out of Remedia’s hands and heart, he began studying healing energy with Masters all over Asia. Today, Richard is very talented at illuminating minds and
cleansing negative energies and entities.

Aura & Chakra Readings Private Workshops
Healing Love / Cleansing Sessions Shaktipat Online Meditation Course
Past Life Reading & Clearing A New Dawn In Your Meditation
Aura & Chakra Readings

Richard & Remedia’s most popular service. It includes a detailed analysis of your entire
energy system, emotions, internal organs and palms. You will receive exactly the information
you need to guide your Spiritual growth. Remedia opens a direct connection to your Spirit Guide for you to enjoy permanent communication.

  • Knowing about your past lives can help you understand your present life.
  • Make better choices by understanding your life purpose and hidden talents.
  • Knowing your future possibilities will guide you to your most productive areas.
  • Stored anger, sadness and fear can cause illness and problems in your life.
  • Spirits of dead relatives or friends drain your energy and interfere in your life.
  • Negative karmas cause you to experience the suffering you’ve inflicted on others.
  • Emotional or psychic attacks and entities can block your success.

Ask Shaman Remedia any questions you have. She provides answers about Spiritual life,
Relationships, Business, Career, Finance, Health and any other topic.

By appointment only. (28 February - 25 March 2012)
$180 (1 hr 30 mins)
Note: Skype sessions also available! Please email us your skype details and take 50% off the published rate above.

Healing Love / Cleansing Sessions

Remedia has been successful in helping people
suffering from many chronic, untreatable
medical conditions. She repairs, balances and
recharges your energy system. Your body can
then heal itself. “Miraculous” healings
sometimes occur, but it’s more common for them
take place over time.

She uses Healing Love to repair the damage
caused by these energies after Richard clears

  • Disease
  • Impacted emotions
  • Karma
  • Emotional attack
  • Psychic attack
  • Entities
  • Spirits of the dead
  • Past life traumatic events

By appointment only. (28 February - 25 March 2012)
$180 (1 hr 30 mins)
Note: Skype sessions also available! Please email us your skype details and take 50% off the published rate above.

Past Life Reading & Clearing

Past lives wind back in time like a convoluted river of conflicting energies. Richard and Remedia remove emotional charges from past lives painlessly while you sleep. They eliminate the need for long, sometimes fruitless, often painful, past life regression sessions.

  • Cleanse several lifetimes in one session
  • Change unwanted behavior patterns
  • Discover hidden talents
  • Untreatable chronic pains often vanish
By appointment only. (28 February - 25 March 2012)
$180 (1 hr 30 mins)
Note: Skype sessions also available! Please email us your skype details and take 50% off the published rate above.
Private Workshops

Take you from beginning meditation to Realization

Enjoy developing your healing, meditation & psychic skills one on one with compassionate,
highly skilled teachers. Learning individually at your own pace & level enables rapid
development. Choose any one day workshop below. Book a time convenient for you. Pay
only $380.

1. Healing Love I

In this basic skills course, you learn to heal yourself and others. Use your Third Eye to observe, control and transform energy. Love’s ability to change the emotions of anger, sadness and fear into love is emphasized. You’ll become able draw energy from any power source in the Universe, ground and protect yourself and many other highly useful skills. You also gain an understanding of how to work in the human energy system and how our Universe is ordered from an energy perspective.

2. Healing Love II

In this advanced healing course you receive
empowerments to The Source for White Light and to Emptiness –the birthplace of all energies. You’ll learn how to recharge Life Force power, retrieve and heal Souls, transform demons and black magic, work with past lives and much more. The Micro Cosmic Orbit and a simple breathing exercise turn your body into an enormously powerful energy generator for doing healing work.

3. Creating Abundance

Opening and energizing your center of creativity will enable you to create abundance in all areas of your life. Abundance is about a lot more than money. Who wouldn’t want a greater abundance of love, free time or success in your chosen area.

4. Psychic Skills

Lifelong psychic Shaman Remedia empowers your natural psychic abilities. Richard guides you through easy, step by step exercises to:

  • Open your Third Eye with the powers of fire & pure gold.
  • Enable you to work with Heaven & Earth energy.
  • Awaken Love in your heart
  • Give you Sacred symbols to guide & control psychic energy
  • Let you see/feel Auras, Chakras, Channels, Connections, Psychic & Emotional Attack, Spirits, Past Lives, future possibilities & more.

5. Past Lives

Your millions of past lives stretch out behind you into the infinite depths of time. The ones you did well in glow with brilliant colors and patterns. Lives you made mistakes in are dark and murky. Unresolved issues in them slow Spiritual progress and can cause problems in daily life. A simple, very effective empowerment, a set of symbols and some practice will enable you to see/feel and heal past life issues for yourself and others. This is an invaluable skill for healers, teachers and all who desire rapid Spiritual progress for themselves.

6. Mystic Temple

You have a personal Mystic Temple. We all do. It’s on the Astral Planes. Find, remember and recreate your private self healing sanctuary. You’ll learn to Astral Travel, remember Astral places, create Astral structures and meld with Astral beings (Astral sex). You’ll also receive a Love empowerment, a White Light empowerment, a Portal creation initiation and Astral structure creation guidance.

7. Kundalini

Kundalini is among the most powerful energy exercises available. It has been used successfully in India for thousands of years to access the deepest states of meditation. Perhaps the greatest benefit is simply a vastly increased sense of well being. Increased energy levels for daily activities and greater mental alertness can also be experienced. Higher states of meditation become easier to access.

8. Amrita: The Elixir of Immortality

Become Kwan Yin seated on the Lotus of loving power, able to use the penetrating energy of the chalice that clears ignorance and defilements and Amrita, the pure power of the Goddess of Mercy. You will have the magical power of Amrita, the fabled ambrosia of immortality contained in Kwan Yin’s crystal chalice. The Chamber Meditation uses Amrita to clear all past life issues and unwanted present negative behaviors. You then step into a place of simply being in that ever present now, generating Golden Love that flows out to all.

9. Rainbow Light Body

You can have a pure light body to dwell in immortally. Richard & Shaman Remedia, will guide you through the process of creating a rainbow body of light for your consciousness to dwell in eternally. The Rainbow Tree grows up the center of your body out of Shakti energy. Its trunk powers you; its leaves protect you; its fruit grants you abilities that you can pass on to others. The Gold Diamond in your forehead connects you to the same diamond out in the Universe that all realized teachers draw teachings from.

10. Rainbow Heaven

The realm of enlightened beings is a central gathering place for spiritual beings who have broken the cycle of life, death and rebirth to live eternally. You can travel to this place to converse with and learn from them. Your Heart Teacher is here among the Prophets, Buddhas, Ascended Masters, Guides, Angels and the newly enlightened.

By appointment only. (28 February - 25 March 2012)
$380 (4 hrs)

Shaktipat Online Meditation Course

Do you want personal loving help with your meditation?
Do you want to heal yourself and give limitless Love to all?
Do you want to join the thousands already living in blissful Super Consciousness?

Discover the ease of Shaktipat in the comfort, safety and privacy of your own home with our online, one on one guided meditation course via Skype. You can attain Realization fast in a clear, step by step series of 2 hour, weekly lessons.

Shaktipat is a meditation technique proven over thousands of years. It means mind-to-mind transmission of a teaching. We simply place in your mind our abilities to meditate in deep states and to do powerful healing energy work.

You immediately become able to do what we can do.

It's fast. It's easy. It's safe. It's been in use for thousands of years.

You will gain the ability to:
• Heal Yourself
• Heal Others
• See/feel Auras
• See/feel Chakras
• Use Kundalini
• Create Abundance
• Do Soul Retrieval
• Use White Light
• See Past Lives
• Clear Past Life Issues
• Clear Psychic Attack
• Clear Emotional Attack
• Heal Entities
• Connect to Source
• Build your Light Body
• Replenish Life Force Energy
• Meditate in Bliss

$3,600 for 16 one hour and 30 minutes weekly lessons is our online price at

$1,800 is the special price available only if you book & pay at Sanctum. It’s our way of
saying thank you to our many Sanctum friends for your years of support.

By appointment only. (28 February - 25 March 2012)
$1,800 (48 hrs)

A New Dawn In Your Meditation

Do you have any of these meditation problems?

  • I can’t focus
  • My mind wanders
  • I can’t go deep
  • I can’t stay in my meditation
  • Meditation’s so difficult
  • Meditation’s boring

Enjoy an evening of fun and guided meditations with Shaktipat initiations that will resolve all these issues and more.

Shaktipat awakens your inner Divinity
Meditation comes alive!

You’ll go deeper and higher than ever before. And you’ll be able to stay there.

8 March 2012 (Thu): 7pm - 9pm
$49 (2 hrs)