We welcome overseas facilitators who stop by Singapore for a period of time to offer their consultations and workshops. They may not be in town right now but do check with us when they might be visiting again.

Deidre Wilton
CK Lee
Diamond Huang
Danny Chu

We would like to thank all past facilitators who have previously blessed Sanctum with their presence.

Michelle Yan | Jelila | Paul Emery | Ann Young | Lara Forsythe | Sandra Arnt | Vanessa Bonnette | Diane Goddard | Wangdrak Rinpoche | Terry Winchester | Frances Fuller | Chris Ten-Wolde | Harsukh Kaur | Tara Khandro | Andy Chan | Ky'lama | Pi Villaraza | Phil Joseph | Liz Foley | Ina Jones | Patrick Zeigler | Marianne Niederer | Stephanie Van Driesen | Shoko | Michelle Hardwick | Qiming Wuu & Gordon Jackson | Victoria Webby | Sandra Tan | Bernie Prior | Dr. Chan Pee Tek | Nihat Tsolak | Nigma | Remedia & Richard | Toni-Ann Winninger | Michele Cempaka | Jenny Lethbridge | Ki Lin | Ma Prem Soham | Elizibeth Peru | Jennifer Lim | Jaime Shun | Chetna Chakravarthy

At Sanctum, there is a facilitator for every kind of personality, interest and need.

Apart from chief guide Ambika Menon, Sanctum also invites a wide array of experienced guides and experts of different disciplines such as reiki, yoga, crystals, energy healing, etc to conduct group workshops and one-on-one consultations.

Ambika is the resident facilitator and will be available on most days. Other facilitators are only present in-store for appointments, so do give us a call if you wish to see them.

Ambika Menon

Morgan Awyong