Pets Villa (Animal Lovers League)

From the website:
Pets Villa currently houses 350 dogs. We require an average of 30kg of dry food per day to feed the medium and large sized dogs we house. The dogs eat a mix of dry food, can food (Natures Gift) and rice. This means two large packets(15 kg packets) of dry food per day. Pets Station has been very kind to sponsor us with dry food on a monthly basis. We truly appreciate their effort, time and love for the animals we house. We thank them for helping us keep the animals alive.

However, as we take in new residents once in a while that are in desperate situations, we find that we need a greater supply of food at the same time. At the same time, the food also goes to feeding strays thrice a week. Volunteers from Pets Villa feed an estimate of 200 stray dogs in various locations around Singapore twice a week. We also spend time on sterilizing the animals we can get hold of on the streets. Most importantly, we believe that no stray should die hungry.If you are able to help us feed more of the dogs we house and the many that roam our streets, please help us by donating any amount of dry food you can. The dogs eat any brand but are mostly used to a diet of Sport Mix or Vitamix.

A word from Ambika:
When I first heard about Animal Lovers League, and their shelter, Pets Villa, I was amazed at the degree of selflessness and devotion to animals these people displayed. There are more reports of animal cruelty and callousness in Spore, so when I found out that the shelter was in dire need of financial assistance, it seemed only natural that Sanctum contribute.

We have been blessed to have animal companions at both our premises. They have not only provided us with endless hours of entertainment but have given our center an air of approachability and a touch of homeliness, which has resonated tremendously with many clients. 

As an animal lover & Tibetan Buddhist, I salute the gracious souls who embody the essence of a Bodhisattva.

A word from Michelle:
Recently I learnt about planting good karmic seeds by donating money or helping someone else succeed. Because of my love for animals and my view that they are often a neglected cause, I started thinking about sponsoring an animal at a pet shelter and I came across Pets Villa.

Pets Villa is an animal shelter that has a strict no-kill policy and takes in abandoned, abused and stray animals, that would otherwise be put down. It provides, lodging, food and care for 650 abandoned and stray dogs and cats. It does not trade in animals but seeks to re-home them.

I was inspired by their story to help them with the high running costs. I now donate 10% of all my earnings to them, as well as all the proceeds of the Sacred Circle.

I can’t imagine anything more rewarding than helping them live more comfortable lives. Even though some of them have suffered greatly, I take great solace in the fact that they are now safe, in capable hands and very very loved.

From Sanctum:
As part of our giving back effort, Sanctum will be dedicating profits and proceeds to this charity at specific events and services held by Sanctum, namely from Ambika Menon and Michelle Ayn Tessensohn. We thank you for reading and if you wish to help, you may wish to speak to us or to the animal shelter directly.

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