In a time that could have been, Plumevine's jewellery would have been the everyday choice wear of ladies everywhere.

Featuring nature-inspired designs fashioned from clay resin, Lorianne's work is magickal and personal.

Materials used include vintage Swarovski rhinestones, douppioni silk, facetted czech glass beads and freshwater pearls, all worked within handmade twirls of vines and textures that is exquisitely showcase.

Even beyond the visual aspects, each piece has a story to tell, based sometimes on Lorianne's personal experience.

Sticking to an exclusivity clause, some of Lorianne's work are one truely one-of-a-kind because she will never replicate that design again. These make the pieces even more of an expression of your individuality.

We have the honour of bringing in limited designs and they are now in display at our store today. Come see these truly masterful marvels today!

At Sanctum, we personally select the best holistic tools to help you assist you along your path, whatever it may be.

Other than supplying you with hard-to-find items for your work, we are also here to introduce these supplies to those who might have just started out, or are just plain curious.

We carry the following:

  • Handpicked tumbled and raw crystals
  • Charged crystals in geode, raw and tumbled form
  • Handmade and empowered jewellery from various artisans
  • Sage smudgesticks from the U.S.
  • Crystal, metal & wooden wands
  • Religious, Spiritual & Pagan books
  • Tarot & Oracle decks
  • Crystal & glass Runestones
  • Crystal & metal Pendulums
  • World Music, Yoga, Meditation, Mantra, Relaxation CDs & more
  • Crystal & metal singing bowls
  • Vibrational & aura-soma essences
  • Specialty oils
  • Art Prints
  • Specialty and aroma candles
  • Chalices
  • Dreamcatchers
  • Statuary
  • Resin and stick incense
  • Pagan tools
  • & more.

We're also exclusive local stockist for:

  • Premium stick, coil, pressed and kneaded incense and handmade ceramic incense-ware from Shoyeido Japan and U.S.
  • Unique enchanted resin jewellery from Plumevine (Norway)
  • Hand-blended ceremonial incense from Mermade (U.S.)
  • Evokative perfume oils from Black Phoenix Alchemy (U.S.)

You can also order any product from our main supplier Azuregreen, and we will get it shipped for collection at our store. Just let us know the your order, place a small deposit and we'll process it for you as soon as our next schedule comes about!