If you are ready to embark on a fascinating and alluring journey of the senses, then try out our new range of perfume oils from Black Phoenix Alchemy.

Made of all natural, premium-grade natural oils, these perfumes are utterly unlike anything you have ever experienced before! With fifteen years of experience, melding their knowledge of homeopathy and aromatherapy, their blends are conceptual works of art. With influences running from the range of pagan, magickal to Renaissance, Victorian or Gothic, Literary, the scents evoke powerful imageries and characters that you are familiar with. Hand-blended upon order, the dedication to quality and integrity behind these scents are intense and unparallelled.

Because these oils do not have any alchoholic preservatives, the purity of the scent stays true to the stories behind them. Other than bodily application for a hypnotic aura, you can use these scents for spiritual work, conjuring a sacred space and presence with their evokative nature.

Allow 'Aureus' and 'Seraphim' to waft you to the higher planes, while Aunt Caroline's Joy Mojo is called “bottled happiness”! Revel in Neil Gaiman's 'Stardust' characters Yvaine or Tristan. Michelle Pfeiffer's enigmatic witch is also encapsulated into a bottle. For those with a more mystical bent, come face to face with 'Fae', 'Phantom Queen', 'Titania' and 'Oberon'. They are ready to open the portals of Faerie land to you upon application. But, beware, many who enter this world find it hard to bear subsequently!

At Sanctum, we personally select the best holistic tools to help you assist you along your path, whatever it may be.

Other than supplying you with hard-to-find items for your work, we are also here to introduce these supplies to those who might have just started out, or are just plain curious.

We carry the following:

  • Handpicked tumbled and raw crystals
  • Charged crystals in geode, raw and tumbled form
  • Handmade and empowered jewellery from various artisans
  • Sage smudgesticks from the U.S.
  • Crystal, metal & wooden wands
  • Religious, Spiritual & Pagan books
  • Tarot & Oracle decks
  • Crystal & glass Runestones
  • Crystal & metal Pendulums
  • World Music, Yoga, Meditation, Mantra, Relaxation CDs & more
  • Crystal & metal singing bowls
  • Vibrational & aura-soma essences
  • Specialty oils
  • Art Prints
  • Specialty and aroma candles
  • Chalices
  • Dreamcatchers
  • Statuary
  • Resin and stick incense
  • Pagan tools
  • & more.

We're also exclusive local stockist for:

  • Premium stick, coil, pressed and kneaded incense and handmade ceramic incense-ware from Shoyeido Japan and U.S.
  • Unique enchanted resin jewellery from Plumevine (Norway)
  • Hand-blended ceremonial incense from Mermade (U.S.)
  • Evokative perfume oils from Black Phoenix Alchemy (U.S.)

You can also order any product from our main supplier Azuregreen, and we will get it shipped for collection at our store. Just let us know the your order, place a small deposit and we'll process it for you as soon as our next schedule comes about!