Climb up the stairs to a forgotten garden enclave. Our reception and retail area sits on the third level of a pre-war shophouse unit. A cascading overhang of white flowers and dripping foliage greets you when you enter. Panels of white and gray walls are splashed with greenery and flora that peeks out from corners and between items. Peeping from over ledges and shelfs are trailing creepers and wispy foliage, while taking over corners are dangling tendrils and shrubs of ivy. At the far end, a blue curtain is drawn behind a full glass wall. An ornate cage of dogwood flowers offering gilded acorns mark the entrance to our workshop space - Delphi. The presence of nature is never far in our small tribute to Mother Gaia.

Our retail area offers supplies and products personally selected and procured to augment your spiritual path, whatever it may be. Mesmerising singing bowls, delicious perfumes, empowered jewellery, inspiring incense and smoky smudgesticks sit on our white shelfs.

If you're here for an appointment, relax at our reception and browse through some of our suppliers' catalogues. Or find out more about crystals in two extensive crystal guidebooks.

If there's anything at all that you are not sure about, or if you wish to enquire or make bookings for any of our services and events, please feel free to approach our staff at the counter.

Contemplate, meditate or simply relax in Sanctum. Our three different spaces offers a distinct, conceptual experience. Whether you are a facilitator keen on a private one-to-one consultation, organising a hands-on workshop or just a friend who needs to hold a unique party experience in an intimate group setting, we aim to provide the premise to your needs.

The Garden
Delphi Coming soon!
Shalimar Coming soon!
For space hire and rates, please contact:
Morgan Awyong
Marketing Consultant