Dora & Kakak
by Mr. Takumi Hasegawa

For those of you who have been to our store, you'll more often than not notice the presence of two very distinct personalities patrolling the grounds of our space. No, we're not talking about Ambika & myself, but Dora & Kakak - our graceful feline guardians.

Originally from our neighbouring unit which has since moved, the owner has now entrusted us with the duty of adopting his dynamic duo. Dora & Kakak are born from the same brood but their personalities cannot be more different!

Kakak is the crowd favourite with natural smoky kohl eyes reminiscent of an egyptian princess... and a black moustache patch just under her nose! Her siren-like qualities appear when her slinky poses draw many a photographer in! Snap-pose-snap-pose.

Dora is nobody's fool though! Her frosty diva comes across best when she is basking by the main door. As she lounges by her side like royalty, her feisty nature comes through when innocent passer-bys disturb her with their incessant coddling. Swipe-glare-dismiss.

Regardless, we at Sanctum are blessed to have their constant companionship and thank them for always keeping our spirits up with their mystical nature.

This photo-essay is taken by Mr. Takumi Hasegawa. The lovely gentleman chased after both feline with great tenacity, and this is how his hard effort paid out! Thank you Mr. Hasegawa for sharing your lovely vision with us!

We hope you enjoy them as much as we do!